Vision, Mision, & Culture VISION


Standards conforming to international quality, customer service to satisfy the clients need and prompt deliveres to enchance SSK's reputation in domesticand international markets.


It is an integral part of our growth that we are continuously open to change and affect innovative techniques in production and business. We know what we do today what tomorrow bring us. Hence, in both the domestic and international market, SSK actively pursues a progressive approach to the business. We clearly recognize the international trade opportunities as well as competition will increase with the dismantingof trade barriers. Therefore, it is imperative for SSK to continually upgrade its managerial skills and technological capabilities to be a respected competitor in its fiel of endeavor.


Knowing and practicing a system where the mind is without fears and head is held high Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection. We are taking about a work atmosphere without walls. A place, where grat idea is not lost in a maze of hierarchy, where machines works and me think. Fortunately this is not utopia. Ir's real at PT. Sinar Syno Kimia.